Kelly Lynn Karger FCA FSA EA

Senior Director, Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

Contact Information
8400 Normandale Lake Blvd
Suite 1700
Minneapolis, MN 55437
I am a Senior Mergers & Acquisitions and Retirement Consultant with Willis Towers Watson, a leading global professional services company that helps organizations improve performance through effective people, risk and financial management. I am a Fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, an Enrolled Actuary, and a Certified M&A Specialist with over 24 years of experience helping organizations manage their retirement programs including design, funding, accounting, administration and compliance. Specialties: Mergers and acquisitions (HR due diligence and integration), Pension Risk Management, Cost Accounting Standards for Government Contractors, International Accounting Standards I am a 2013 Risk & Insurance® Power Broker in Employee Benefits.


CCA Member Since 2015
Annual Meeting Program Committee

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