Phillip A. Merdinger FCA MAAA ASA

Partner, October Three

Contact Information
October Three
8950 Old Southwick Pass
Atlanta, GA 30022
Phone: 6789783137
Phil is a Partner with October Three in Atlanta. An actuary by training, Phil helps companies maximize the return on their investment in people, improve employee engagement, more effectively manage total rewards programs domestically and internationally and improve alignment of human resources strategy with business goals. Prior to joining October Three, Phil was a Partner at Mercer where he held several positions, including leading and building offices, practices, businesses and functions. He also led Mercer’s Retail/Wholesale Industry practice, integrating industry expertise across the Marsh & McLennan operating companies — risk, strategy, human capital and brand management. He has been part of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s Regional Education Policy Committee, where he has lead efforts focusing improving teacher engagement and retention, as well as HR effectiveness for the Metro Atlanta school systems. Phil is also a past President of The Conference of Consulting Actuaries and a Special Director of the American Academy of Actuaries. Phil is a Fellow of The Conference of Consulting Actuaries, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries and an Associate of the Society of Actuaries. He received his BA in Actuarial Mathematics from The University of Michigan.
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