Piotr Krekora FCA MAAA ASA EA

Senior Consultant, Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company

Contact Information
Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
One East Broward Blvd.
Suite 505
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: 954-527-1616
Fax: 954-525-0083
Email: piotr.krekora@grsconsulting.com
Piotr Krekora is a Senior Consultant and Actuary in the Fort Lauderdale Office of Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company (GRS) – a national firm specializing in actuarial and benefits consulting for the public sector. He has been working with public sector retirement systems and OPEB programs during most of his actuarial carrier. Piotr chaired a response group formed by the American Academy of Actuaries providing comments to GASB on a proposed implementation guide for Statement 74. He currently serves on the task force drafting revisions to an OPEB related actuarial standard of practice and coauthored an Academy’s practice note accompanying this standard.
CCA Member Since 2015
Government DB/DC Retiree Benefits Retiree Medical FAS106
Public Plans White Paper 2.0

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