Todd Wanta MAAA FSA

Senior Consulting Actuary, Milliman

Contact Information
Brookfield, WI
Phone: (262) 784-2250
Todd’s areas of expertise are in the areas of pharmacy, Medicare Part D, retiree prescription drug plans (individual and employer), and Medicaid funding allocation. Related to pharmacy, Todd has worked with pharmacy benefit managers, prescription drug wholesalers, and retail pharmacies. Examples of projects worked on include pricing specialty medication programs, assessing the feasibility of joint purchasing agreements, evaluation of medication adherence outcomes, and design of competitive analyses. Specific to the Medicare market, Todd has assisted Part D plans with formulary analysis, strategic planning, Medicare bid preparation, feasibility of entering the market, and mergers / acquisitions. He assists with research related to bid model development. He also performs creditable coverage and retiree drug subsidy testing. Additionally during his tenure at Milliman, Todd worked extensively with risk adjustment models, built statistical models for revenue allocation, estimated value for cost acquisition, and developed reserves for statements of actuarial opinion. He manages / maintains Milliman’s tool to develop customized solutions for Medicare (EGWP, RDS, and individual) prescription drug pricing and creditable coverage testing. He enjoys evaluating client models (underwriting, pricing) and clinical programs (adherence, specialty) to optimize their value and help his clients succeed. Prior to Milliman, Todd worked as a software and systems engineer in the defense industry creating algorithms, performing / overseeing simulations, and being directly involved in the full software development life cycle.

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