Deputy Chief Actuary, New York State and Local Retirement System

Contact Information
New York State and Local Retirement System
59 Maiden Lane Fl 30
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 646-673-8162
Craig has 20 years professional experience, including audit support and the implementation and management of executive variable annuity plans. He also worked for many years at Winklevoss Technologies, on their flagship software product ProVal, where he implemented functionality related to cohort-based mortality improvement. He has worked at the New York City Office of the Actuary on compliance and valuation, as well as at Cheiron on public plan audits, and currently works at the New York State and Local Retirement System. An avid traveler and theatre-goer, he is happy to talk about the over 50 countries he has visited and over 200 Broadway and Off-Broadway shows he has seen. He holds a degree in Applied & Computational Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology.


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