Principal, RBC Total Rewards & Actuarial Solutions

Contact Information
RBC Total Rewards & Actuarial Solutions
912 Serenity Lane
McKinney, TX 75069
Phone: 713-253-9520
I'm a total rewards professional passionate about making a company stronger through its people. I focus on creating an exceptional employee experience that is engaging and supportive of the needs of employees and their family while ensuring competitive, cost-effective benefits and reward programs that attract, retain, and inspire employees to achieve a company’s mission. I don't consider myself an "HR person", but rather a business leader impacting a company through its people. I connect HR and fiance and like to understand how a business works, its strategy and vision, and possess a healthy curiosity to ask why. I'm passionate about what I do and confident to challenge the status quo. I bring a broad global and industry perspective with deep strategic and technical expertise, with over 20 years of experience with large, multinational companies. I am a highly motivated, trustworthy, agile leader with unparalleled work ethic and have a collaborative style and approach with a track record of building relationships to deliver exceptional business results.


CCA Member Since 2005
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