Karl Greve

Chief Financial Officer, Colorado PERA

Contact Information
Colorado PERA
1301 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO 80203-5011
Phone: 303-837-6218
Email: kgreve@copera.org
In addition to his work at Colorado PERA, Karl serves on the GFOA Committee on Retirement and Benefits Administration, and is a Board member of the Public Pension Financial Forum (P2F2). He has served on several GASB task forces, including the OPEB standards task force and the Advisory Committee for the Implementation Guides to Statements 67 and 68. Karl has served on the AICPA Employee Benefits Expert Panel, and was one of the preparers of the AICPA publication Checklists and Illustrative Financial Statements for Governmental Employee Plans. Karl received an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Illinois and has an MBA with an emphasis in finance from the University of Colorado at Denver.

GASB 67/68 Update GASB 67/68 Update (April 09, 2014)

GASB – Plan Implementation Issues 2013 CCA Annual Meeting (October 22, 2013)