Trevis G. Parson FCA MAAA FSA

Chief Actuary, WTW

Contact Information
Centre Square East
1735 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7501
United States
Phone: 215-246-6596
Fax: 215-246-6251
Trevis serves as Chief Actuary of WTW’s Individual Marketplace (IM). He previously served as Chief Actuary of the Health and Benefits (H&B) business line in North America. He resides in Philadelphia and consults on a variety of health care issues. He specializes in the pricing, design, delivery and funding of employer sponsored health care benefits. In his role as Chief Actuary, Trevis leads actuarial delivery for the IM businesses. He serves on the Via Benefits leadership and growth teams and, in doing so, works closely with leaders in the Retirement and H&B business lines. Trevis is responsible for the development and delivery of the quantitative message support the IM. Additionally, he is a key contributor to Via Benefits’ product, carrier, and innovation strategies. He helps frame the business point-of-view is involved directly in conversations to advise clients on the value of potential solutions. Trevis’ teams develop and maintain actuarial tools and processes to value the financial impact of change in the health care marketplace. This work supports the development and delivery of new solutions and considerations for health care plan sponsors. Trevis serves as a resource for consultants and clients on health care actuarial issues. He speaks regularly at external conferences and events and often represents WTW to the media. These conversations frequently reference results from the company’s research that Trevis supports. Trevis is an expert on marketplace health care offerings and has worked with many employers to redesign their retiree medical plans to reduce benefit and administrative costs and risks while providing retirees enhanced choice and value. Trevis has developed financial tools that assess the value of health care design alternatives. Additionally, Trevis has been involved in financial reporting assignments related to post-employment benefits and has served as a subject matter expert for several retiree medical plan sponsors. Trevis joined WTW (Towers Perrin) in 2000 and was formerly employed by Milliman USA for four years where he consulted to health care insurance companies, HMO’s, hospitals, and physician groups. Prior to joining Milliman USA, Trevis was employed by AEGON USA, Inc. for three years where his responsibilities included reporting and pricing for small group health products. Trevis received a B.A. degree in Mathematics and in Economics from Grinnell College in 1994.
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