Steven F. Cyboran FCA MAAA ASA CEBS

CEO, Consulting Actuary, Chief Behavioral Officer, Humaculture, Inc.

Contact Information
Humaculture, Inc.
1919 Seven Maples Drive
Kingwood, TX 77345
Phone: 8476305347
Steve Cyboran is CEO, Consulting Actuary for both Humaculture, Inc. and Cyboran Consulting, LLC. He seeks to help employers optimize the value and productivity from their workforce by cultivating an aligned, healthy, and effective workplace where people thrive. Humaculture, Inc., which is half owned by Cyboran Consulting, LLC, was founded to cultivate thriving organizations that attract, engage, grow, retain, sustain, and transition people that enable the success of the organization. Humaculture® is a guiding philosophy and revolutionary way of understanding the nature of organizations and what makes them successful. The Humaculture® philosophy allows leaders to better understand how to create organizations that nurture thriving people. Thriving people are fruitful people. With over a quarter century of benefits consulting experience, he is actively involved in the development of intellectual capital and a variety of total rewards strategy projects for both active and retiree populations focusing on organization effectiveness, health, disability, and time-off. These projects include assessment of implied and stated objectives, and development and implementation of strategies based on client companies’ cost and business objectives.


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