Miguel Santos

Alta Actuaries and Consultants, LLC

Contact Information
Alta Actuaries and Consultants, LLC
1375 Atkinson Road
Libertyville, IL 60048
Phone: 312-381-3431
Email: miguel.santos@altaactuaries.com
Miguel Santos is a global consulting actuary with Aon Hewitt located in Chicago, Illinois. He has over 18 years experience advising international companies on a wide range of Human Resources areas, such as global benefit management, global actuarial, mergers and acquisitions, benefit governance, and employee mobility. Miguel’s areas of expertise revolve around assisting multinationals develop and implement their global benefit and compensation strategies along with the financial management of the various programs with alternative techniques such as bulk purchasing, multinational pooling and captives. He has previously also managed total rewards communication projects across Europe.
Corporate DB/DC Other Health Subset Other Life Subset Other Pension Subset Retiree Medical FAS106

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