Thomas S. Tomczyk MAAA ASA

Principal, Pittsburgh Office Leader, Buck

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11 Stanwix Street
Suite 700
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412-394-3055
Fax: 412-394-3290
Annual Meeting Program Committee
Committee for Continuing Education Recognition
Publications Committee
Representatives to the Joint Discipline Council

Prescription Drug Hot Topics 2020 CCA Virtual Annual Meeting (October 20, 2020)

Specialty/Prescription Drugs 2019 CCA Annual Meeting (October 28, 2019)

Just When You Thought You Knew Everything About Healthcare 2018 CCA Annual Meeting (October 23, 2018)

Are You Ready to Move From Reactive to Predictive Medicine? 2017 CCA Annual Meeting (October 23, 2017)

Genome Related Medicine - Releasing "The Genome in the Bottle" 2016 CCA Annual Meeting (October 24, 2016)

Can You Have an Affordable Rx Plan and Include Specialty Drugs? 2015 CCA Annual Meeting (October 27, 2015)

How Special are Specialty Drugs? 2014 CCA Annual Meeting (October 19, 2014)

“If You Eat All of Your Vegetables…”: Behavioral Economics and Employer Health Plans 2013 CCA Annual Meeting (October 21, 2013)

What's Up With ACOs? 2012 CCA Annual Meeting (October 23, 2012)

EGWPs - The True Story 2012 CCA Annual Meeting (October 22, 2012)

Don’t Get Caught with EGWP on Your Face 2011 CCA Annual Meeting (October 26, 2011)

Behavior Modification: Sticks and Carrots and the Unintended Consequences of Cost Sharing 2010 CCA Annual Meeting (October 27, 2010)

Measuring the Value Added By Employer Programs 2010 CCA Annual Meeting (October 25, 2010)

A Modest (Actuarial) Proposal: Responsible Healthcare Reform 2009 CCA Annual Meeting (November 04, 2009)

"Why Do I Have to Provide You With an Incentive to Take Drugs?" 2009 CCA Annual Meeting (November 02, 2009)

Prescription Drug Programs: Plan Design and Pricing 2008 CCA Annual Meeting (October 28, 2008)

VEBA's and the Transfer of Risk – "Why Shouldn't Everyone Do What GM Did?" 2008 CCA Annual Meeting (October 27, 2008)

"Pot"pourri of Prescription Drug Benefit Issues 2008 CCA Annual Meeting (October 27, 2008)