Judith A. Kermans FCA MAAA EA

President, Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company

Contact Information
Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
4220 North Territorial Rd. E
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
United States
Phone: 248-799-9000 Ext 1125
Fax: 248-799-9020
Email: Judy.Kermans@grsconsulting.com
Judith Kermans is the President of Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company. As the President, Judith has overall responsibility for consulting operations, personnel, and client satisfaction. As a consultant, Judy provides solutions and guidance related to the funding and benefits goals of public employee retirement systems and plan sponsors. Judith has over 26 years of actuarial and benefits consulting experience. During her career, she has served many state and local public sector clients in Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire and Virginia. In particular, Judith has significant experience with teacher retirement systems, and city and county plans across the country. Her expertise with defined benefit retirement systems includes hybrid arrangements, Deferred Retirement Option Plans (DROP), benefit tier design, projection studies, and early retirement windows. Judith is a speaker at national and local conferences, such as the National Conference on Teacher Retirement (NCTR), the Southern Council on Teacher Retirement (SCTR) and the Michigan Association of Public Employees Retirement System (MAPERS). Her presentations have covered topics such as the GASB accounting standards, the impact of defined benefit to defined contribution conversions, and early retirement windows. She has also written articles for local conference newsletters and co-authored an article about Deferred Retirement Option Plans (DROPs) for Plan Sponsor Magazine. Judith is an Enrolled Actuary, a Fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. Judith has served on the CCA board and is currently a member of the CCA webinar committee
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