Lance J Weiss FCA MAAA EA

Senior Consultant/Team Leader, Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company

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Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
21 East Huron Street, Apt. 806
Apt. 806
Chicago, IL 60611-3928
United States
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Lance Weiss is a Senior Consultant and the Team Leader in GRS’ Chicago, Illinois office. He has more than 35 years of actuarial and retirement consulting experience. During his career, Lance has worked with large public entities and private corporations, coordinating retirement benefits with other elements of total compensation programs, as well as developing effective benefits and cost containment programs. In addition to working with public-sector clients, Lance has also worked with clients in a wide range of industry sectors, including manufacturing, insurance, finance and healthcare. Lance and his Chicago team provide actuarial and retirement consulting services to states, cities, municipalities, school districts and counties in California, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, North Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Throughout his career, Lance has demonstrated special expertise in the design, funding, accounting, administration, and communication of defined benefit pension plans, post-retirement welfare benefit programs, and §529 pre-paid tuition programs. Lance served as the President of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries in 2009. He was honored with CCA's Most Valuable Volunteer Award in 2014, and CCA's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. Lance has been a speaker at numerous meetings, conferences and forums, including the Public Funds Forum, the National Institute for Public Finance, and at a Federal Congressional Field Hearing. Examples of topics on which he has spoken include examining the retirement security of state and local retirement systems, public plan redesign, and defined benefit versus defined contribution plans. Examples of some of the articles Lance has authored or co-authored include: “Addressing Media Misconceptions about Public Sector Pensions and Bankruptcy” February 2011 Government Finance Review and “Funding Public Pension Plans-Show me the money!” March 2017 In the Public Interest, Society of Actuaries.
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