Scott Doolittle

Chief Financial Officer, QUANTUM HEALTH

Contact Information
DUBLIN, OH 43017
United States
Phone: (800) 257-2038
Email: scott.doolittle@QUANTUM-HEALTH.COM
Scott Doolittle, Chief Financial Officer Scott Doolittle has served as Chief Financial Officer for Quantum Health since 2016. In addition to the Finance function, he is responsible for Technology and Analytics. In this last capacity, Scott leads a team of actuaries and data scientists who focus on managing both the internal and external validation of Quantum Health’s Remarkable Results™. During his tenure, this team has published four independently validated book-of-business studies on the impact of Quantum’s Navigation Solution. He will share the highlights of those studies with you today. Scott has spent more than 20 years in Finance and the last 14 years in Healthcare, holding a variety of leadership roles. Just prior to Quantum, Mr. Doolittle served as Senior Vice President of Operations and Finance for Healthways, a division that delivered population health interventions to 8M lives in 5 global markets.


07 - Health Care Navigation - Smooth Sailing? 2021 CCA Healthcare Meeting (April 29, 2021)