Pensions at Risk: Guarding the Underfunded Cookie Jar Audio/Webcast




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Pensions at Risk: Guarding the Underfunded Cookie Jar February 14, 2018 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Traditionally, U.S. workers viewed their pensions as guaranteed. However, in some cases, pension plan underfunding can present a challenge to protecting such guarantees. While many pensions are indeed well funded and sustainable, much of the recent media attention has focused on select plans that are facing funding challenges.

During this presentation, presenters review the issues applicable to single employer, multiemployer, and public sector plans, including benefit protections and reductions, and discuss the fundamental principles and tools that are characteristic of responsible plans as well as some of the solutions proposed to help troubled plans.

Session Category: Employee Benefits - Retirement/Consulting Issues
Credits: EA Non-Core: 1.50 CPD: 1.50
  • 1 . David Scharf Buck
  • 2 . Michael F. Economos Buck
  • 3 . Mariah Becker NCCMP
  • 4 . Hank H. Kim National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems