Retiree Medical Seminar


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Retiree Medical Seminar November 04 - 05, 2009

This seminar serves as a primer for working on retiree group benefit valuations. Whether you are doing FAS 106 or GASB 45 valuations, the basic fundamentals are the same. Attendees all receive a copy of the textbook used on the Society of Actuaries’ exams, “Fundamentals of Retiree Group Benefits,” and the seminar material closely follow its contents. Key issues included during the seminar are program design, methods and assumptions, accounting and legal issues and Medicare. To the extent that the ongoing healthcare reform discussions creates opportunities in the retiree group benefit area, those issues are also addressed.

Session Category: Unassigned
Credits: EA Non-Core: 9.00 CPD: 9.00
  • 1 . Stuart H. Alden Socratic Methods
  • 2 . David M. Hilko
  • 3 . Dale H. Yamamoto Red Quill Consulting