Public Plans Update


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Public Plans Update March 28, 2012 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Public plans continue to be the focus of attention the media, researchers, regulators and policy makers. Speakers at this seminar examine the funding, accounting and plan design issues as well as other challenges currently facing public pension plans in the US. Presenters then focus down on how a disciplined review of funding policies and financial disclosures might both reveal some causes and provide some solutions to those challenges. Included in the discussion is the following:

  • Update on current funding levels and contribution requirements;
  • Criticism of public pension plans: the old and the new;
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting: Consequences of proposed revisions to GASB 25/27;
  • Emerging practices in funding policy: Defining the "New ARC";
  • Discount rate review: revisiting our long term earnings assumption;
  • Other assumption issues; and,
  • Trends in plan design for public pension plans.

Session Category: Public Plans
Credits: EA Non-Core: 4.20 CPD: 4.20
  • 1 . Alan W. Milligan
  • 2 . Robert M. May Rudd & Wisdom Inc.
  • 3 . Thomas B. Lowman
  • 4 . David T. Kausch University of Michigan
  • 5 . Paul Angelo Segal
  • 6 . William B. Fornia Pension Trustee Advisors