2012 Pension Symposium


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2012 Pension Symposium March 28, 2012 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The clash between ever-increasing life expectancies and relatively fixed retirement age expectations has brought to focus the growing challenges associated with retirement planning for aging Americans.

This year’s Pension Symposium is devoted to an in-depth examination of longevity, longevity risk, and the possibilities and pitfalls of lifetime income as the key vehicle for longevity risk mitigation.

Retirement risks of all sorts have been on the radar screen of individuals, financial planners and retirement plan sponsors for decades. At the top of the list has been investment risk – and for good reason. But longevity risk is coming into the spotlight as the early baby boomers are just now turning age 65.

For many, investment risks are immediate, while the risk of outliving one’s money seems distant. Thus, retiring workers, when given a choice, tend not to select options that assure a lifetime income stream. Reduced access to employer-sponsored defined benefit and post-retirement healthcare plans and the threat of changes in Social Security all contribute to a greater sense of urgency to find new solutions.

The public policy community has stepped up its focus on the lifetime income “challenge.” And that’s a good thing. The actuarial profession is well positioned to lend its unique expertise in risk and risk mitigation, along with its perspectives on solutions that are workable from an individual and sponsor perspective. This year’s Pension Symposium offers actuaries an opportunity to examine the lifetime income challenge from several key actuarial perspectives and participate in a robust discussion of possible policy solutions.

Since 2005, the Pension Symposium has been a fixture following the EA meeting. We intentionally limit attendance at this session (first come, first served!) so as to promote dialogue and the sharing of ideas and perspectives from all attendees. This year’s discussions are led by leading pension actuaries and othe

Session Category: Employee Benefits - General
Credits: EA Non-Core: 8.40 CPD: 8.40
  • 1 . Thomas S. Terry The Terry Group
  • 2 . Ellen L. Kleinstuber Bolton Partners, Inc.
  • 3 . Andrew J. Peterson Society of Actuaries
  • 4 . Donald E. Fuerst Retired