Predictive Modeling/Advanced Analytics Webinar


Session Handout

Predictive Modeling/Advanced Analytics April 13, 2022 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

A CCA Healthcare Series webinar and Health Meeting bonus topic:

Actuarial practice is slowly absorbing the techniques and language of data science, as interactions between actuaries and other analytical professions become more frequent. Actuaries can start with their current skills in statistics and optimization, and then expand their “toolkit” by incorporating data science techniques that are already being used in a wide variety of fields, including medicine and public policy.

Our speakers will discuss recent data projects they’ve undertaken, addressing the challenges they’ve faced in such areas as:

  • Data collection and cleanup
  • Selection of analytic techniques and algorithms
  • Computational approaches
  • Interpretation of results, and presentation to various interested parties

Session Category: Health & Welfare
Credits: CPD: 1.50
  • 1 . Stuart H. Alden Socratic Methods
  • 2 . Alexjandro Daviano Humana Healthcare Research - External HEOR
  • 3 . Elliot Drabble Optum