Retiree Medical Seminar

October 22, 2017
Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes
Orlando, Florida



Session Handout

Retiree Medical Seminar October 22, 2017 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

This seminar serves as a primer for working on retiree group benefit valuations. Whether you are undertaking ASC715 or GASB 45/74/75 valuations, the fundamentals are the same. Attendees receive a copy of the textbook used on the Society of Actuaries’ exams, “Fundamentals of Retiree Group Benefits,” and the seminar material closely follow its contents.


The speakers at this seminar cover:

1. Trends in retiree medical plan design.
2. Actuarial assumptions and methods.
3. Pros and cons of RDS and EGWP.
4. How Medicare Advantage Plans work – and why the premium cost for Medicare Advantage plans are generally lower than Medicare Supplement premiums.
5. Morbidity tables – sources and uses.
6. My retiree medical plan client is being audited – what to expect when the auditor’s actuary reviews the valuation – and how to plan for a smooth audit review.


Session Category: Health & Welfare - Retiree Medical
Credits: CPD: 7.20
  • 1 . Dale H. Yamamoto Red Quill Consulting
  • 2 . Adam J. Reese PRM Consulting Group
  • 3 . Colleen OMalleyDriscoll
  • 4 . John J. Schubert Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • 5 . John V. Grosso Home
  • 6 . James J. Rizzo Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company